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In September 2019 the V&A Museum opened its door to the third solo exhibition of British fashion photographer, Tim Walker. His latest instalment is called ‘Wonderful Things’ and is a must-see show. This is so much more than just a catalogue of his work and thanks to his collaboration with set designer Shona Heath and other industry-leading creatives, Walker has been able to produce something truly remarkable.

In fact, the exhibition has been described as a ‘bewitching ode to art, artefact and fashion’ by the Independent. The show will be running until Sunday 8th March 2020 so there’s still plenty of time for you to go and experience it if you haven’t already – and you absolutely should!

So if you’re planning a visit, here’s what you can expect from the exhibition.


Who is Tim Walker?

Tim Walker is a world-class photographer whose beautiful photographs have graced the pages of Vogue and other glossy fashion magazines for over a decade. Walker’s love of fashion photography began back in the 1980s in the Condé Nast library and led him to study photography at Exeter College of Art. Not long after he graduated he won third place as Independent Young Photographer Of The Year, and his unmistakable style has won him a number of prestigious awards since then.

You may already be familiar with his work, if not, you’ve likely come across his photographs in some way or another without even realising it. Though he has primarily focussed on photography throughout his career, Walker is slowly making his way into moving film and this is something you can see in his latest exhibition.


What can you expect from Walker’s ‘Wonderful Things’ exhibition?

If you decide to make a trip to the V&A to explore Walker’s latest exhibition (and you should) you’ll be experiencing so much more than just art on the walls. The show is a result of extraordinary collaborative processes between Walker and other influential creatives. Shaped largely by the V&A itself, you can enjoy 10 entirely new photoshoots as well as immersive sets and special installations, and alongside his photography, you can also enjoy spectacular film footage.

Due to the different use of textures throughout the exhibition, you can expect a unique sensory experience. But most of all, you should expect to be transported from the every day, to an exuberant fantasy world that only Walker could envision. All of his images are layered with props, daring details and light trickery, all of which are designed to create a moment of fantasy for you to enjoy. So if you’re looking for a chance to escape reality, get yourself down to the V&A and get lost in Walker’s ‘Wonderful Things’ exhibition.


What influenced this latest exhibition?

The ‘Wonderful Things’ exhibition is a result of hundreds of hours of research and shooting, as well as careful collaboration between Walker, designer Shona Heath and V&A curator Susanna Brown. The exhibition was designed to be a retrospective looking back over Walker’s work, but with the added bonus of 10 exciting new shoots. All in all, the making of the show took around a year of research, decision making and intense shoots, but ultimately it is a display of years and years of Walker’s hard work and effortless creativity.

The 10 new collections on display were influenced directly by artefacts housed at the V&A, though this is nothing new for Walker. Throughout his career, he has taken inspiration from the eclectic range of objects on display there and this exhibition gave him another chance to dive deep into the museum stores to see what beautiful treasures were hiding within. So if you’re already a fan of the V&A, this exhibition will only add to your admiration of the place.

During his months of exploration, Walker scoured all 145 public galleries, scaled the roof and got lost in the passages below ground level all in the name of his art form. Indian paintings, erotic artwork, stained-glass windows and the Bayeux Tapestry were just some of the treasures he was faced with. Taking it all in, he created his own take on the ‘Wonderful Things’ the world has to offer.


Why should you go?


If you’re unfamiliar with Tim Walker’s work, this is the perfect opportunity to discover everything he has to offer. If you’re already a Tim Walker fan, then we probably don’t have to sell you on this exhibition! But either way, Walker’s latest show has transcended the pages of glossy fashion magazines to bring you a truly unique, immersive experience. Perfect for daydreamers, fashion-lovers and artistic types, you can get lost for hours in the wonderland that Walker and his team have created.


If you want to find out more about the exhibition or book your tickets, check out the V&A website, here.