Our Story

Who we are

Braxfield is driven from the passion and dreams of Barbara Ann Colombo our Creative Director and Designer.

After completing a 3year Art and Design diploma and a four year fashion degree she started and continues to work in the fashion industry. After working in the fast fashion industry for over 15 years, she got tired of mass production, the waste and lack of environmental care.

She wanted to create a brand of luxury occasionwear and illustrated tees in sustainable, biodegradable fabrics. To create style on demand with as least waste as possible. She also works for other creative brands within the industry.

With her background in art and design she is inspired by art and culture. Influenced by surrealist artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Julie Nord and Rene Magritte. She believes design should come from passion and the soul so loves to form ideas through reading poetry by poets such as Robert Browning and watching films by directors such as Wes Anderson.

Claudio, our web developer and digital expert, is one of the key people at Braxfield and drives the online marketing and developments.

We are a small company and have a great team here at Braxfield, creative, open minded, passionate and driven. Everyone is an expert in their field, which makes us so grateful and respectful of each others talents. We work with top pattern cutters, seamstresses, web developers, photographers and stylists.

Everything is designed and hand made in London, our pattern cutters ensure every piece is beautifully crafted with impeccable attention to detail from start to finish. From illustration to construction, each piece is conceived lovingly by our talented team. We also work hard at ensuring that our fabrics that are biodegradable, sourced from sustainable forestry, recycled or dead stock.

We love to travel to explore architecture, culture and vintage from other cities. We are inspired by nature and the world around us so want to make sure that we have integrity in what we put out in the world.

Being inspired by other weird and wonderful creatives, and the beauty of nature, brings depth to what we do and how we create. Our designs are fuelled by passion and a love for craft.

Our Vision


To create beautiful, vintage inspired, unique, luxury occasionwear and cool illustrated tee’s. All made from biodegradable or sustainable fabrics. Bought, loved, and worn, by you, to many delightful occasions.


Garments that are made to order, combining style and timeless elegance.


Style on demand, made to order, no waste.


Proving that sustainable doesn’t have to be boring.

Our customer

Through extensive research of our market we have concluded that women want better pieces, rather than more. We want to sell to women that care about where and how they spend their money, and the impact that their purchases will have.

This is what our customer comes to Braxfield for.

The Braxfield customer has bold, feminine energy. She loves fashion, appreciates design details and luxurious fabrics that feel good against her skin. She is informed, considered, attends events she is passionate about and wears clothes that make her feel strong, confident and stand out from the crowd.

The Braxfield woman is driven but kind, feminine and strong. She loves to socialise with friends and builds relationships that last. She looks after her body and spiritual health. She loves to travel and is grateful each day for the life she gets to live and the experiences she is having.

She loves to shop at Braxfield because she knows we produce exclusive, luxury, sustainable ranges that she won’t find anywhere else. She can trust in our ethics, knowing the high standard and care we put into each individual design.